Monday, November 19, 2018

Shoe Art India An Exquisite Collection of Flat Sandals

Where is the fun in covering your feet when you have beautifully nail polished toes to show off. Also, it wastes your pedicure. In this party season grab all the eyeballs with flat sandals.

Providing elegance and grace, the flat sandals are certainly back in vogue after giving way to high heels for a while. The problems with high heels are well known. From causing damage to ankles to dreadful pains, high heels are not for everyone.

On the other hand, flat sandals can definitely be used by everyone. But, the problem is in choosing the correct sandal. So much thought is to be given into the design that matches the select dress, the comfortability, durability and cost.

With ladies flat sandals supplied by Shoe Art India, all your doubts can be put to rest. Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in Delhi NCR, these flat sandals are of high quality.Shoe Art India is one of the largest ladies Flat Sandals Supplier in India.

The raw material used in making these sandals are sourced from industry’s best suppliers. They are highly durable and sturdy. You can use them in any terrain. Even on smooth surfaces you can wear them without the fear of slipping. It has an extensive ridges and grooves on the outer sole that provides firm grip.

The talented designers of Shoe Art India, with their creativity have created great designs. You can choose sandals from their wide range of collection. There are sandals for every occasion.

The upper part of the sandal which consists of straps are made of materials like leather, rexine and niwar. You can find the straps in the form of laces, belts or threads etc. Even here the designs are exquisite.

Well the most important feature of Shoe Art India’s flat sandals is its comfortability. The inner sole provides soft cushiony effect and soothes the feet of the wearer. You can wear the footwear for long hours without any discomfort.

Also, the sandals are affordable by all segments of the society. According to their paying capacity, numerous varieties of these footwear are made available by Shoe Art India.

All these attributes make these sandals the preferred footwear for majority of women in the country. Thus, Shoe Art India is one of the largest ladies flat sandals supplier in India.

It has been manufacturing, supplying and exporting footwear for many years now. The main export markets for the company are Iran, Iraq, Togo, Ghana, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar. Due to the quality provided, the company’s export market is further expanding.

If you want these ladies flat sandals supplied or any query to you, please visit us Shoe Art India.

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