Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Slippers - Why Wear Slippers and How to Clean Them

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Slippers: Why Wear Slippers and How to Clean Them?

There are many reasons to wear slippers footwears! They improve grip, keep you safer around the home, provide warmth and comfort, and also save your socks from excessive wear. They keep your feet nice and warm and having warm feet helps you to feel comfortable all over. Slippers are mostly worn indoors, but if they have hard soles then many of us pop outside in them from time to time!
Nearly all pairs are quite flexible, roomy and airy so you do not have to worry about swollen feet. Relax and give your feet a rest, those with grip are usually the one to go when pregnant or for the elderly. Lined boot slippers are usually the warmest you will find but all of them are significantly great for keeping your feet cozy!
If you are travelling on a long journey, you might want to take your slippers footwears with you for extra comfort. You can wear them on a plane; just do not forget to pack them in your hand luggage!

Cleaning Mules Slippers :-

If they are made out of cotton, you can machine wash them, if you want them to dry, put them on low heat or you can let them air dry. If you do not want to risk putting them into the washing machine, you can hand wash them.

Here’s how: Put the slippers footwears in the water solution and make sure they are soaking up the water, scrub them to get the dirt off, and then leave them to sit for around ten minutes. This will not damage the material, rinse them and squeeze the excess water out, and let them dry.
Some people find that their slippers get smelly and unpleasant. They tend to smell when you come home from a day on your feet and put your slippers straight on. If you do this, you are taking the sweat or smell from your shoes straight to them. The synthetic materials with which most slippers are made of can trap odors.

Keep them smelling fresh by only wearing when your feet are clean, with a clean pair of socks. You will need to wash them regularly too to keep odors at bay, and you can sprinkle in some baking soda to absorb odor in between washes.

Do not let your feet suffer, keep them comfy, cozy and warm with a pair of slippers footwears offered by ShoeArt India. Choose your favorite pair and enjoy.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

5 Reasons why Indian PU Women Slippers are On Demand

Asia is the global hub of footwear manufacturing. Around 86% of total production takes place in the region. After China, India is the worlds second largest producer of footwear.

In 2018, the Indian footwear market revenue amounts to US$ 16,980 million. It is to grow at a CAGR of 10.2%. Of the total production of footwear in the county, 96% is for local consumption. Only 4% are for exports the number is only increasing due to the rising demand for Indian PU women slippers abroad.

But how the Indian industry is making this happen. Here are the reasons for the increased demand for Indian PU Women Slippers .

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

4 Tips to Choose a Sports Shoe for Men

Walking and running are the most basic of physical activities undertaken by humans. Even doctors too are recommending a moderate amount of physical activity in the form of walking and running to avoid cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. They are also great for keeping yourself fit.

For these activities you require a good pair of sporting shoes. The choice of a good shoe is crucial as it helps avoid injuries. Some common injuries due to bad shoes are Achilles tendinitis, knee injury, ankle injury etc.

Sports Shoes

But, how to choose a proper sports shoe? This question coming to your mind is quite understandable. There are many Mens Sports Shoes Manufacturer out there in the market bringing out numerous varieties of shoes regularly. Choosing among them is daunting.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Shoe Art India An Exquisite Collection of Flat Sandals

Where is the fun in covering your feet when you have beautifully nail polished toes to show off. Also, it wastes your pedicure. In this party season grab all the eyeballs with flat sandals.

Providing elegance and grace, the flat sandals are certainly back in vogue after giving way to high heels for a while. The problems with high heels are well known. From causing damage to ankles to dreadful pains, high heels are not for everyone.

On the other hand, flat sandals can definitely be used by everyone. But, the problem is in choosing the correct sandal. So much thought is to be given into the design that matches the select dress, the comfortability, durability and cost.

With ladies flat sandals supplied by Shoe Art India, all your doubts can be put to rest. Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in Delhi NCR, these flat sandals are of high quality.Shoe Art India is one of the largest ladies Flat Sandals Supplier in India.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Eva Mens Slippers For a New Age Man

Slippers are the most common footwear used on a daily basis. From using in bathrooms to casual wear, slippers are used for many purposes. The comfort it provides is unmatchable to any. For men, the slippers available in the market have more or less a common design. It is a frustrating scenario.

Now, if you are feeling that your current slippers are not trendy enough or are not giving you value for your money, it is time you try the new Eva Mens Slipper manufactured by Shoe Art India.

Eva Mens Slipper