Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Eva Mens Slippers For a New Age Man

Slippers are the most common footwear used on a daily basis. From using in bathrooms to casual wear, slippers are used for many purposes. The comfort it provides is unmatchable to any. For men, the slippers available in the market have more or less a common design. It is a frustrating scenario.

Now, if you are feeling that your current slippers are not trendy enough or are not giving you value for your money, it is time you try the new Eva Mens Slipper manufactured by Shoe Art India.

Eva Mens Slipper

Why Eva Mens Slippers? 

Designed and manufactured by expert designers and master craftsmen, the Eva Mens Slippers provides superior comfort to the wearer. The soft inner sole made-up of long lasting material cushions the feet of the user. It helps in easing pain to diabetic patients and those with any feet related issues.

The sturdy material used for the outer sole makes the Eva Mens Slippers manufactured by Shoe Art India the most durable slippers in the industry. They can with stand heavy weights. It can be used on all terrains and in all weathers.

Stylish and Trendy:
The upper part of the slippers are made of rubber and are available in thin and broad straps. Shoe Art India’s designers have brought out Eva Mens Slippers with numerous designs with unique patterns. You can choose from a large range of slipper collection that is unlike any other available in the market.

Multiple Sizes :
Often, slippers are not available in all sizes. Plus 11 size slippers are rarely available in the market. But, Eva Men’s Slippers are available in all sizes and shapes for a better fit.

Affordability :
The Eva Mens Slippers are not only stylish, trendy and comfortable, but they are also affordable. They give value for your money.

Export Quality :
Shoe Art India, the Eva Mens Slipper manufacturer, exports the footwear through out the world. The demand for Eva brand is high especially in countries like Iran, Sri Lanka, Togo, Afghanistan, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Ghana and Qatar. 

How to Get These Slippers?

Shoe Art India has a pan-India presence in supplying its footwear. The slippers are manufactured in facilities located in Delhi NCR. You can avail individual orders for personal use or bulk orders for retail use. For more details please visit our site Shoe Art India .

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